Getting the Best From Your Conference Room

Your conference room is set aside for important meetings - where (hopefully) everything that’s said is important, worthy of note. When setting aside a room like this, companies tend to focus on a few things - an impressive size or view, a central location within the office, capacity to put up a smart board or projector. Audio can sometimes be overlooked in this hierarchy of important factors to consider when selecting a conference room - which is a nuisance when you’re trying to record conversations with clarity.

If you’re struggling to make your recording equipment work in your conference room, boardroom or training room, there are a few reasons that could be causing you difficulty - and one of the most difficult ones to deal with is the materials that were used in the interior design.

Listen, we get it - glass and chrome makes for a beautiful, minimal aesthetic, and those huge windows overlooking your neighbourhood add a little clout to any conversation you’re having with important clients. But with many organisations opting for an open plan office and filling their space with glass, the modern conference room is a bit of a sound trap. Glass reflects sound, creating an echo that can interfere with conference calls and recording devices. There are very few recorders that perform well in a fish bowl - and when you introduce large screens and white boards, the problem gets worse. 

You could cover the glass with curtains or introduce other window treatments, but if you’re going for an open office effect, that’s not ideal. There are ceiling tiles on the market that are designed to absorb sound, and hanging baffles that do the same trick - bringing in a carpet can help too.

But if you don’t have the budget for an interior design overhaul, you could always invest in a clever microphone. The Philips PSE0540 Smart Meeting Portable Conference Microphone is one of the latest gadgets from Philips, and it’s designed with difficult spaces in mind. The microphone employs AI to enhance speech and filter intrusive noises, to give you the clearest, most natural sound whether you’re using it to host (or join) a conference call or simply using the inbuilt Sembly Meeting Assistant to take notes during your meetings. The technology is so bright that Sembly will even create a transcript, with automatic minute taking capable of identifying different speakers in the room and tracking down all the details so you can focus on impressing that client.

If you’re looking for an audio solution that works for your space, give DMCL a call today. Our team is always available and happy to help guide you towards the most appropriate solution for your needs.

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