Olympus ODDS Smart Phone App


£102.00 inc. Vat

(£85.00 ex. Vat)


Olympus ODDS Smart Phone App

Free Download from Apple App Store and Google Play

Before purchasing the yearly licence for the app, please call us on 020 7222-1531 to setup a 30 days free trial.

With the Olympus ODDS Smart Phone app, you can easily record all your dictation and then send your files to your typist to get them transcribed before you’re back in the office.

To administer the App and phones, Olympus have developed the Dictation Portal (ODP) a highly secured and flexible web-based configuration tool that allows administrators to centrally manage the Olympus Dictation app and corresponding ODDS licenses.

Configuration issues such as the destination address of dictations and encryption settings are controlled by the administrator, meaning that authors (the end users) are free to concentrate on dictation using their app. This keeps everything as simple as possible and avoids user errors.

Your audio files is encrypted and sent from the App to the Olympus Dictation Hub.
The file is then sent to a pre-determined email address.

Olympus ODDS Smart Phone Dictation App

Key Features

  • Apps for Apple IOS and Android
  • Central Administration for Users, Licenses, Workflow Settings, Security Settings. Recipients
  • Record in either DSS and DSS Pro
  • 256 bit AES File Encryption
  • Secure Transfer HTTPS/FTPS/SFTP
  • 12 Month License


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