Diktamen provides an all-in-one digital dictation and transcription system. Our system features advanced workflow management and resource planning to optimize the use of resources. Diktamen's Digital Dictation, Voice Recognition, Transcription and Enterprise Management Workflow solutions can be utilized independently or as a complete solution to fit your organisation's needs.

Diktamen has been providing voice-driven solutions since 2007 and we are continually developing and improving our solutions. We provide a flexible platform that can be designed to work in any environment and integrate with your existing software. Our goal is to help transform your organisation into what you want it to be.

Diktamen provides users with an easy-to-use platform that is accessible through your desktop or 'on-the-go' with mobile devices. The user has access to the dictations and data no matter the location or time. Your recordings are automatically sent for transcription and moved directly into your companies workflow System.

Diktamen's transcription solution can optimise your in-house transcription or provide outsourced transcription 'on-demand.' Our system features automatic overflow enabling administrators to set parameters for outsourcing of transcription duties. You determine the length of time dictations are allowed to queue in-house before they are automatically outsourced for transcription. Once a document has been in the queue for the set period of time it is outsourced, transcribed and returned for approval.

Because we understand that every organisation is different, we offer bespoke development of solutions that are designed specifically for your organisation. By working together to tailor the service, we can ensure you secure a built-for-purpose solution without unnecessary features. Diktamen's workflow management system utilizes documentation workflow metrics to provide a detailed and beneficial analysis of your organisation. An administrator is able to determine when and where breakdowns occur and can then implement immediate changes.

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