Special Promotion: 45% discount on Philips SpeechLive

If you’re already familiar with SpeechLive, you’ll know that it’s a one-stop shop for efficient management of your audio files, allowing you to upload your recordings to the cloud and share them freely. You might also know about SpeechLives speech recognition software, capable of giving you up to 95% accuracy on your recordings - but did you know that you can get access to their Unlimited Speech Recognition for a year with our SpeechLive Package? Until December 31st you can sign up/renew for £12 a month for the duration of your contract. That’s a saving of over 45%!

With SpeechLive, you can get access to speech to text wherever you need it - and it’s designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. If you’re using the desktop app, simply press the record button, click anywhere you want to type, and start speaking - you’ll see SpeechLive convert your voice to text in real time, regardless of the software you’re typing into - SpeechLive speech recognition works in Microsoft Word, Outlook and any CRM or EMR you prefer to use.

If you’re on the go, you can use SpeechLive’s smartphone app to convert your voice to text as you speak, or you can send recorded files to automated speech recognition by uploading your audio files to the app.

If you prefer to use your trusty digital voice recorder, SpeechLive is set up to help there, too - simply dictate using your traditional recorder, then upload the recording to SpeechLive and you’ll have a transcript ready before you know it.

Philips SpeechLive is designed to be the most affordable speech recognition option available through Philips, without compromising on quality. It can recognise and transcribe up to 22 languages and variants, and it can do it quickly - you have the capacity to convert your voice to text in real time or within minutes if you’re using pre-recorded audio files, with software that achieves highly accurate results. 

When you sign up for our SpeechLive Unlimited Speech Recognition Package today, you’ll receive browser access to all functions and dictations, access to the professional Philips dictation recorder app for iPhone and Android, and unlimited speech recognition for a year. 

This discounted price is only available until 31st December so get in touch with our experts today to see if it’s the best fit for your needs. Or check out our full catalogue of products and services.

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