Olympus DS-9500 Digital Recorder Premium Kit WiFi with ODMS R7 Dictate Software

If you’re keen to upgrade your workflow and you’re considering investing in a digital recorder and transcription set-up, you might as well do it right the first time. There are a few options on the market for a complete kit that’ll get you up and running straight away, but there are few as attractive as what Olympus is offering.

When you invest in Olympus, you can be sure you’re getting cleverly designed equipment and the software to support it. One of our latest packages, compiling the Olympus DS-9500 Digital Recorder with WiFi and the ODMS R7 Dictate Software, is designed to give you the best this reliable brand has to offer. Let’s take a look.

Olympus DS-9500 Digital Recorder with WiFi
This isn’t your grandfather’s digital recorder. An intelligent two-mic system actively monitors and analyses phase differences while you’re recording, giving you perfect stereo conference recording quality. Designed for dictation, the DS-9500 features two environment modes, to give you crystal clear sound quality whether you’re recording in a quiet room or a noisy office, and omni-directionality mode allows you to hold the recorder in any way, focusing on your voice and reducing surrounding noise.

Place it on the table in a meeting and the two intelligent microphones will pick up whoever’s talking, from any location. Your recordings - which you can browse on the 2.4” LCD screen will be made in MP3, which is convenient, since you’ll be eager to share your files with the help of the built-in WiFi.

Simply connect your new Olympus DS-9500 to a wireless network (or phone hotspot, if you’re on the move) and you’ll be able to send your files from anywhere, with no need to connect to a PC in order to download your dictations. And since this is a bit of kit you’ll want to carry with you, it’s fortunate that Olympus have wrapped it in robust housing, drop tested from 1.5m and alcohol wipe resistant so you can be confident in showing it off to your friends and colleagues.

Olympus Dictation Management System R7 Software
Once you’ve made your recordings and downloaded the files - via WiFi or by plugging your recorder into the docking station included in the package - you can jump into ODMS R7 and get started with converting your dictation into transcribed text, using a transcriptionist, speech recognition software, or a combination of both. 

Using ODMS R7 is simple, fast and efficient, allowing you to quickly and easily share your dictation files via email, a shared folder or FTP. With automatic and manual tagging, and status updates allowing you to monitor the progress of any dictation at any time, you’ll watch your transcription workflow move faster and more securely than ever, and have the confidence to free your mind for other things.  

Get in touch with our experts today to have a chat about ODMS R7 or the Olympus DS-9500. We’ll get your new recorder sent out to you quickly, or guide you to something that would better suit your needs, from our full catalogue of products and services.

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