VEC CM-2000BT Bluetooth Desktop Conference Microphone Speakerphone

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VEC CM-2000BT Bluetooth Desktop Conference Microphone 

Vec Spectra CM-2000BT Boundary Bluetooth Conference Microphone with playback speaker for conferencing.

Whether it’s a conference room at work, home office or an open meeting space, the CM-2000BT Bluetooth conference microphone / speakerphone will take your audio conferencing to the next level.

Connect the CM2000BT to your computer, smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth for a very neat and wireless conference recorder.  The system can be expanded if more people join the meeting. Up to 2 extra Spectra CM1000 conference microphones (optional) can be daisy chained to the CM2000BT to provide maximum coverage - see image below.

  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND: Bluetooth conferencing microphone/speakerphone with omnidirectional microphone, offering 360 degree coverage.
  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE: Whether it’s your home office, conference room at work, or an open meeting space, the CM2000BT microphone makes your audio conferencing available anywhere.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth connection allows for flexibility while setting up in a work environment or conference room
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Sleek, low profile design to go with you including carrying case.

Vec CM2000BT Bluetooth Conference Microphone

Connect the Vec CM2000BT Conference Microphone to your computer, Smart Phone or Tablet via Bluetooth.

Vec CM2000BT two Microphone Recording
Connect the optional CM1000 Conference microphone to the CM2000BT to expand recording range.
Vec CM2000BT with 2 optional extra CM1000 microphones
Connect maximum of 2 CM1000 Conference Microphones to the CM2000BT

Key Features
Wireless Bluetooth microphone
Built in speaker with On/Off Switch
360º pickup for exceptional sound quality and maximum coverage
Sleek low profile
Daisy chain capability, add up to 2 additional CM-1000 microphones to expand the recording range.
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Rechargeable Lithium battery
Audible battery status notification
Multicolor L.E.D Indicator
33' Wireless range
Battery life 20-25 hours of continued use
Charging time 3 hours
Charging cord included

Package Contents
1 CM2000BT Microphone
USB-Charging Cable
Carry Case

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