Soundtech CM-1000 Conference Microphone

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Soundtech CM-1000 Conference Microphone

Soundtech CM-1000 conference microphone is slim and compact and provides a 360 degree pickup for optimal coverage.

Perfect for recording meetings and conferences.

The CM-1000 conference microphone can be daisy changed together with only 1 cable going back to the recorder. You can start with 2 CM-1000 microphones for a small meetings and expand the system by adding 4x more microphones (total of 6) to cover a larger meeting with up to 30 people.

Key Features:

Low Profile Design
Ideal for recording meetings and conferences.
Quick Connect
Omni Directional
360 degrees pick up
Frequency Response 100-10k Hz
Cord length: 3m
3.5mm Jack Connector

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