Olympus VN541PC Digital Notetaker with TP8 Telephone Pick-up

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Olympus VN541PC Digital Notetaker with TP8 Telephone Pick-up

The Olympus VN-541PC digital notetakerwith the TP8 Telephone Pick-up is used to record telephone conversations. Plug the TP8 into the microphone socket on the VN541PC, the ear piece in to you ear. To record the phone call, place your phone (landland or mobile) to the ear you put the TP8 into. The recorder will then record both sides of the conversation.

The VM541PC can be set to optimized settings by selecting the correct scene on the recorder. Scenes available Memo, Talk and Music.

The record button is a slide switch located on the front. Simply slide the button up to record. You can also do this even when the recorder is off.

The Olympus VN-541PC has a very powerful noise reduction system, which can reduce unwanted ambient noise such as air conditioners when playing back audio.

When you have made your recordings, connect it to your computer via a USB cable which is included. The VN-541PC behaves like a USB memory stick. Plus it in and it appears as a drive under "Computer" in Windows or on the desktop on a Mac. Double click the drive and the windows will display your recordings. From her you can copy them to your computer or email them.

Key Features

  • Olympus TP8 Telephone Pick-Up
  • 4GB internal Memory
  • Record in WMA
    Talk/Music Scene: 251 hours
    Memo Scene: 495 hours
    LP mode: 1570 hours
  • Noise Concellation
  • Adjustable Playback Speed
  • 4 folders - 199 files per folder
  • 3.5mm Microphone jack
  • 3.5mm Headphon jack
  • microUSB connector
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • h 108mm x w 37.50mm x d 20mm
  • Weight: 67g
  • Compatible OS
    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    Mac OS 10.5, 10.11

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