Transcription Solutions: Standalone Cradle Transcription System


With security at the top of your company’s priority list, you might find yourself flummoxed by the restrictions set by your IT team. In some offices, it’s difficult - if not impossible - to install software, and that can lead to frustration when it comes to transcribing your audio files. Luckily, we have a couple of neat solutions that’ll keep your transcription process as efficient as possible without upsetting your office technician.

Philips DPM8100 Standalone Kit

The Philips DPM8100 Recorder & Transcription Kit is a simple dictation system that doesn’t require any transcription software to work. Included in the Standalone Kit, you’ll find a docking station, headset and foot control designed to work with the Philips DPM8100 Recorder. When it comes to transcribing your audio files, simply place the DPM8100 recorder into the docking station and place the foot control under your desk. The typist will be able to control the playback of the recorder with the foot control, which is perfect for situations where your IT department has locked down the computers and the installation of software is forbidden.

To make the process even simpler, when you purchase the Philips DPM8100 Standalone Kit, we will configure your Philips DPM8100 to operate in transcription mode before sending it out. Your recorder will still benefit from all the features of the DPM8100 model, including the 3D Mic system for the highest audio quality and ergonomic slide switch for single-handed operation.

Grundig Digta 7 Standalone Kit

Much like the Philips DPM8100, this standalone kit is designed for use when a simple setup is required and installing software would cause more problems than it would solve. Included in this all-in-one kit, you’ll find a docking station for the Digta 7 Recorder, a foot control and headset. To transcribe your audio files, just place the Digta 7 recorder into the docking station and place the foot control under your desk. Boosting efficiency with the three intuitive pedals found on the foot control, the typist will have no problem navigating the audio recording even in the absence of software.

You’ll benefit from all the clever features found within the Digta 7 recorder, including the “Easy Mode” setup and the expandable memory for instances where you need to go beyond the 300 hours of recording time you’ll get when you use the recorder fresh from the box. Bonus points for keeping your security-minded IT team happy thanks to the PIN/PUK Protection, UUID and Encryption solutions offered by the Digta 7..


Talking is so much faster than typing, and digital dictation offers you tremendous flexibility. Ensure you’re keeping your workflow as efficient and secure as possible using a Standalone Transcription Kit. Head to our online store to make the most of this limited time offer today.

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