SpeechMike Premium Touch

The latest innovation from Philips is going to revolutionise the way you take and store recordings, ensuring your workflow is as efficient as possible thanks to premium technology and cutting edge solutions.

The Philips SMP3700 SpeechMike Premium Touch delivers the high-end essentials you’d expect from Philips, including a premium decoupled studio quality microphone and a built-in noise reduction filter to ensure you’re always getting the clearest speech recordings possible, regardless of where you’re using SpeechMike. They’ve taken it another step further with the additional antimicrobial housing and microphone grille with an optimised structure for crystal clear, hyper-accurate accurate speech recognition results.


Thanks to the integrated motion sensor, the SpeechMike Premium Touch is capable of detecting when it’s put on a table, automatically muting the microphone until it’s picked up again. What’s particularly clever about the motion sensor technology is the option to programme custom events - so if you want the SpeechMike to do something else when you pick it up, there’s a user-friendly way to customise the microphone so it works exactly as you want it to. Coupled with the freely configurable function keys and ergonomically shaped body, the Philips SMP3700 SpeechMike Premium Touch is designed to be effortless to use and a saviour for your workflow.

As you might have guessed from the name, the SpeechMike Premium Touch also brings cutting edge touch sensors to allow you to easily control and navigate within applications whilst recording - without having to switch between your mouse and your microphone. Rather than using a scroll wheel to control your on-screen cursor, the touch sensors put greater control at your fingertips, and there are even left and right mouse buttons, giving you full control of your computer. 

If your workflow involves barcodes, upgrade to the Philips SMP3810 SpeechMike Premium Touch with Barcode Scanner. The integrated scanner allows you to link client or patient data to a recorded file, simply by scanning the barcode. The scanned information is then automatically attached to the dictation file, to effortlessly streamline your documentation process.


Talking is so much faster than typing, and digital dictation offers you tremendous flexibility. Upgrade your dictation and recording flow to the latest innovations in recording technology with Philips. Head to our online store to learn more, or speak to us for support.
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