New: Philips Digital VoiceTracer
For recording Notes and Ideas, Interviews, Lectures, Music, high quality audio for video and meetings.

Whatever your voice recording needs, Philips have come up with the perfect solution. And thanks to their new VoiceTracer range, you can get a bit more specific when it comes to your requirements - there’s an option available for everyone.

Best for Notes on the Go

If you live a hectic lifestyle and need to keep track of the thoughts that pop up as you roll through your day, the DVT2050 is a perfect fit. With excellent sound quality, it’s the ideal alternative to recording with your smartphone. With 8GB memory (plus option to expand up to 32GB with Micro-SD) and a battery life that can last up to 2370 hours, there’s no need to worry about running out of space or power when you’re on the road.

Best for Hard-Hitting Interviews

For those who need to ask the right questions (and remember the answers!) the DVT2110 is designed to provide excellent recording results, even in noisy environments. Thanks to two high-quality stereo microphones, a higher recording sensitivity is capable of capturing more without compromising on sound quality. Our favourite feature is the Audio Scenes which automatically adjust the settings depending on what you want to record.

Best in Class

If you’re a student who needs to record lectures for revision at a later date, the DVT4110 offers three specialised high-fidelity microphones which capture outstanding sound quality. The clever smartphone app from Philips means you can get the best seat in the house - simply place your recorder in the front of the room, near the speaker, and you can control your recording from your smartphone.

Best for Taking (Music) Notes

When you need to record music, the DVT6110 offers stunning clarity and outstanding definition, in addition to operation from a distance. Thanks to a high signal-to-noise ratio, these dynamic microphones are capable of capturing soft noise and loud drums effortlessly. Recording in MP3 format means you can play back your files anyway and share them with others with ease.

Best for Meetings

When you want to hear everyone’s opinion, reach for the DVT8110, which is designed to capture excellent, noise-free audio thanks to the 360° meeting microphone. Using dynamic acoustic pressure to provide excellent recording quality, the microphone also features clever wire storage, allowing you to ensure your desk always looks tidy and professional.


Talking is so much faster than typing, and digital dictation offers you tremendous flexibility. Keep track of your notes regardless of where you’re gathering them with the Philips VoiceTracer collection. Head to our online store to make the most of this limited time offer today.


For recording Notes and Ideas, Interviews, Lectures, Music, high quality audio for video and meetings.

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