Product Spotlight: Olympus DS-2600


“As an architect, I use the DS-2600 to record defects, deviations, agreements and protocol points. I can quickly operate it with only one hand in any situation, both in the office or on the construction site.”


When it comes to professional dictation made simple and stress-free, Olympus knows their stuff. One of our favourite Olympus products is the DS-2600, a nifty piece of kit with plenty of cleverness wrapped up in a neat, lightweight package.

Olympus have crammed the DS-2600 with advanced features, including their superior noise cancelling system. Equipped with dual microphones, the design keeps the focus on the person dictating, reducing ambient noise to allow you to create high-clarity recordings of targeted sound even in noisy environments like offices, cars and airports. Thanks to the triple layer studio quality filter, you can be confident of highly accurate voice capturing without those unwanted wind vibrations and breathing sounds.

One of the real joys of the Olympus DS-2600 is the 4-position slide switch, designed to enable easy and intuitive operation, so you can focus on what you’re saying, and not worry about the rest. Starting, stopping and editing your dictations via the side switch doesn’t even require looking at the device - so you can dictate from your desk, or on the move - without any change in ease-of-use.

Not that you’ll struggle with the digital user interface, thanks to the large LCD colour screen offering clear insight into what’s being recorded and how long you have left on the impressive battery life, which can stretch up to 52 hours.

The Olympus DS-2600 had 2GB internal memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB with SD memory cards, and thanks to the USB connector, managing your files is a breeze - whether you prefer to record in DSS/DSS Pro, PCM or MP3 format. With the included DSS Player standard there are a variety of editing options that will offer you the possibility to insert, overwrite and cut files, amending or removing any unwanted content as you go.

Customer support for the Olympus DS-2600 is readily available, with regular firmware updates ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Recent updates have improved the speed for Rev/Que and improved the startup time for maximum efficiency when you’re short on time.

Suitable for small businesses or just people who are keen to start with digital dictation and in need of a professional starter device. This device is ideal for use at work, at home, or during meetings.

See all of the tech specs for Olympus DS-2600 below:

Key Features

  • Large LCD colour screen
  • 4 Position Slide Switch
  • Olympus DSS Player Standard Software
  • Record in DSS/DSS Pro, PCM, MP3
  • Editing Functions: Insert/Overwrite/Append/Erase/cut
  • High Quality Low noise microphone
  • Directional Stereo recording for meetings
  • 2GB internal Memory
  • Expandable with SD memory cards up to 32GB
  • USB Connector
  • Microphone Jack 3.5mm
  • Earphone Jack 3.5mm
  • 2x Omni directional microphones
  • VCVA activated
  • Battery Life: 48hours in DSS Pro - 52 hours in DSS
  • Dimensions: H120mm x W49.8mm x D18.6mm
  • Weight: 116.5g inc. battery

Box Contents:

  • DS‑2600 Digital Voice Recorder
  • DSS Player Standard r2.1.1 Software License  - PC
  • DSS Player for Mac v7.7.5 Software License
  • CS151 Carrying case
  • microUSB Cable
  • 2Gb microSD card (internal memory)
  • LI‑92B Rechargeable Lithium‑Ion battery
  • Instruction Manual


Talking is so much faster than typing, and digital dictation offers you tremendous flexibility. Dictate anywhere, anytime with The Olympus DS-2600, currently on sale. Head to our online store to make the most of this limited time offer today.

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