Stocking Stuffer Accessories For Christmas 2022

Looking for something small to leave underneath the christmas tree - or in a loved one’s stocking? If they use a digital recorder, you can be confident in gifting one of our accessories, designed to make workflows smoother, day-to-day routines more comfortable, and pocket memos more powerful. Take a look through our pick of the bunch below, or go hunting through our full archive online.

Sandisk 32 GB SD Memory Card

Whether you’re taking your digital recorder on the road, or simply using it day-to-day in your office, you want to be confident that you’ve got enough space to keep your thoughts. Whilst most digital recorders have quite a lot of room in their internal memory, you might want to make more - and that’s where an SD card comes in handy. Our SanDisk 32GB SDHC memory cards are an excellent choice for any digital voice recorder - compatible with all Philips, Olympus and Grundig pocket memos. 32GB will give you 5152 hours of recording, so you should be safe for quite a while - in fact, that’s 214 days of recording space.

Avalle Defero 2 USB Headset

An often overlooked aspect of making the most of your digital recorder is finding the right headset to go with it - the Avalle Defero 2 USB headset is designed with all day wearing comfort in mind - lightweight with enlarged ear cushions, and an adjustable sure-hit headband to ensure it sits exactly right while you’re wearing it. This nifty headset isn’t just designed to feel good, though - thanks to integrated noise cancellation filters, it’ll sound good too, getting rid of unwanted background noise to make sure you’re heard clearly, regardless of where you’re working. The Avalle Defero 2 USB Headset is compatible with PC and Mac, and works with popular communication software including Microsoft Lync and Skype.

Philips LFH9173 Tie Clip Microphone

When you’re in need of a discreet and hands-free microphone, you can’t go wrong with Philips - especially considering the amount of clever technology they’ve squeezed into this tiny tie clip mic. You’ll benefit from the wind shield that reduces unwanted mouth noises, wrapped around a condenser microphone that offers superb recording quality. Simply clip it to your clothes using the robust tie clip, plug it into your mobile recorder, and start talking. Sometimes the best technology is the simplest.

Not quite what you were looking for? Take a look through our full catalogue of products on our online shop, or reach out for a chat - our team is perfectly positioned to help you find the right product to leave under the tree for your loved one.

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