Product Spotlight: Olympus DS-9500


It’s easy to get lost in the world of dictation software, so we’re setting the record straight with a few of our favourite premium kits, designed to get you up and running in no time flat, with minimum fuss. 

The Olympus DS-9500 Digital Recorder is intelligent by design - a high-end recorder with all of the features you absolutely need, along with a few carefully considered perks to make your life easier. In many ways, this piece of equipment is the product of a clever team of innovators who sat down and said - let’s do the basics well, and then let’s do them better.

Starting with the basics, the DS-9500 will set you up with two omni-directional microphones which offer perfect dictation and stereo conference recording quality. It has a large LCD screen - 2.4”, supporting 240,000 colours to make the information on screen much easier to read. There’s a precise 4 position slide switch to allow you to use the recorder with one hand, and the body is impact-resistant, so it’ll survive a bumpy briefcase ride or an accidental drop. With 256 bit file encryption, your files will be safe and secure wherever you send them.

That’s all fairly standard - the sort of thing you’d expect from a high-end digital recorder. But the Olympus team offers more. That intelligent two microphone system? Bolstered by the device’s dictation modes, offering crystal clear quality whether you’re recording in a quiet environment or a noisy office. More than that, because there are two microphones at play, the DS-9500 can pick up audio from people speaking from any location.

The colour screen is designed to be easily legible - but more than that, it’s useful. With a smart file list display that shows the file name, date and time, plus the file status of each dictation file, this is a piece of kit that’s a pleasure to use. 

In fact, the way the DS-9500 handles files might be the smartest thing about this digital recorder - unlike other models, where you have to connect to your computer in order to upload your files, you can simply connect the DS-9500 to your wireless network or phone hotspot, and send your files from anywhere. 

This high-speed transfer system is made even more convenient when it’s paired with Olympus ODMS R7, software designed for easy speech documentation. With various ways to convert your dictation into transcribed text, ODMS R7 will allow you to quickly and easily share your files with a transcriptionist, use speech recognition software, or a combination of both.

If you’re looking for a digital recorder package that’ll get you set up with everything you need from the very start, the Olympus DS-9500 Premium Kit is a great option, including a digital recorder, accessories and software. Check it out on our online store now.

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