Speechware TableMike Series

When you want to record at your desktop, but don’t like wearing headsets or using a hand-held microphone, a desktop microphone is your only choice. The Speechware series works perfectly with Dragon, the voice recognition experts, giving more options for individuals who want to speak naturally when they’re ready to press record. 

SpeechWare USB 3 in 1


The first product in the Speechware TableMike family offers all of the basics you’ll absolutely need - a highly sensitive noise cancelling microphone. Designed with a long, flexible boom to allow you to perfectly position the microphone, the TableMike makes a case for itself with wide-spectrum audio recording, providing a better signal to the speech processing software and improving the overall accuracy of your recordings. Utilising years of experience in the speech recognition industry, this industry-leading microphone combines that expertise in one durable, accurate desktop solution.

SpeechWare USB 6 in 1


If you’d like to upgrade from the basic offering from SpeechWare, the next tier up offers everything available in the 3 in 1, with the addition of a few extra features that are designed to make your life easier. With a USB port installed in the back of the equipment, and an optional foot pedal port that will allow you to connect to a compatible foot pedal offering complete control over the microphone with the click of your heel, the 6 in 1 opens up new doors for your transcription workflow. 

SpeechWare USB 9 in 1


To make the most of your SpeechWare equipment, this premium offering includes a digital control panel with user programmable volume buttons and a detachable, interchangeable and telescopic microphone boom to maximise the clarity of your recordings. In addition to the features available for the 6 in 1 and 3 in 1, this clever kit also includes a memory card reader and a USB socket designed specifically for Video Cam. 
Say goodbye to wired headsets and free up your hands for more important things with the SpeechWare TableMike, the perfect match for Dragon Speech Recognition users who want to use an industry-leading microphone with the highest accuracy rating possible.

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