Avalle Defero Headsets

The perfect headsets for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking

When you’re using Dragon - or any voice recognition software, really - you want to make sure you’re capturing audio in the highest quality possible, and getting it played back to you in comfort. That’s when you need one of these clever USB headsets to make your job easier, and ensure your workflow doesn’t get interrupted by shoddy recording quality.

Avalle Defero 1 USB Headset



This lightweight monaural headset from Avalle is designed with daily use in mind. Check out the enlarged ear cushions, made to ensure you can wear this headset all day without feeling the strain. The clever Sure-Fit headband is perfectly adjustable, ensuring you’ll always be able to find the best fit for your comfort. Beyond its wearability, the usability of this headset is impressive too, with an integrated noise canceling microphone working hard to filter out unwanted background noise. Thanks to the ratcheted boom design of the mic, you can be confident in ensuring your voice is heard in any working environment, no matter how noisy. 

Avalle Defero 2 USB Headset



If you’re looking to minimise distractions while you’re focusing on your work, Avalle have created a design that’s perfect for you - with all of the incredible features that make the Avalle Defero 1 such a clever piece of technology, but with a second ear cushion to help you dive into your workflow without being distracted by the world around you. The Avalle Defero 2 USB Headset in compatible PC and Mac communication software including Microsoft Lync and Skype. All the comfort and reliability of a premium brands at a fraction of the cost.

Dragon Professional Individual v15


Dragon Professional is one of our favourite speech recognition software packages. Allowing you to put your voice to work in creating reports, emails, forms and more, Dragon Professional’s next-generation speech recognition uses Deep Learning technology to help you dictate and transcribe faster and more accurately than ever before. Pair your new Avalle Defero headset with Dragon Professional Individual, and you’ll soon be dictating up to three times faster than typing, even making edits and applying formatting using your voice with up to 99% accuracy. 

With an industry leading 3 year warranty, there’s never been a better time to invest in a premium brand headset - bring Avalle’s light weight and stylish design into your working day, and make the most of superior microphone and earpiece technology. Check out our full collection of headsets on our online store today.

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