100 Transcription Minutes with SpeechLive


Philips SpeechLive is designed to make your life easier. This cloud-based digital solution makes transporting your files a breeze - and it’s fully GDPR compliant with 256bit encryption, so you can be confident in sending your files without security concerns.

Making dictation files on the go has never been easier thanks to the Philips Recorder app, available on your iPhone and Android smartphone. Simply open up the app, say what needs to be said, and then you can send your files on to whoever needs to hear them. If you don’t have an assistant who can help transcribe your files, you may be interested in the SpeechLive transcription service.

This helpful service from Philips will pair you with a highly trained, UK-based professional transcriber who can help you turn your recordings into extremely accurate work. The transcribers work on a four-eye principle - that means your recordings will be thoroughly transcribed and double-checked by a different team member. The Philips SpeechLive Transcription Service is dedicated to delivering exactly what you need - perfect results, every time. Once the transcription is complete and has gone through quality check, the completed text will be emailed to you. In general, two minutes of recording will be equal to one page of text.

Our new package will include:

  • SpeechLive Advanced Business Package for one year
  • 100 Transcription Service Minutes
  • The Professional Philips dictation recorder app, available for Apple iPhone and Android
  • More minutes can be purchased at £0.99 + VAT per minute

Upgrade the way you transcribe your voice recordings by making the most of this SpeechLive special promotion for the Philip SpeechLive Transcription Service. Learn more by checking out the promotion on our online store.


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