Philips PSE0540 SmartMeeting Portable Conference Microphone

When you’re taking notes in a meeting, you’re keeping track of what’s just been said - but it’s easy to miss out on what’s happening right now. With a new solution for conferences and meetings, Philips has created a set of tools to let you focus on your meeting, while SmartMeeting takes care of the rest.

Gone are the days when you had to scramble through your notes in order to remember what happened in your last meeting - with Sembly, there’s no hassle in meeting preparation, because all of the details are at your fingertips.

Sembly tracks every detail of the meeting with clever AI, allowing you to focus on the conversation and let Sembly track the actions, issues, requirements and more, before saving a neatly organised transcript of the meeting to the Sembly app for you to read, search and share with anyone who needs to see it. Whether you want to zoom-in on key items, confirm specific details from the discussion, or double-check something you missed during the meeting, Sembly remembers it all - you can even search across all calls to which Sembly was invited in order to recall important details, including deadlines, birthdays, tasks from your boss and client commitments. 

The PSE0540 is designed to be perfectly portable, with plug-and-play connectivity using Bluetooth or USB, and a powerful battery for long-lasting use - you can get up to 10 hours of use out of a single charge, so unless your meeting is really running on, you can be confident that the PSE0540 will keep up with you.

Included with the PSE0540 Smart Meeting recorder is Sembly Team Plus, which will offer you an unlimited number of meetings in the first month, then up to 4 meetings per month following that. Supported by Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and GoToMeeting, you’ll always have Sembly’s assistance, wherever you need to meet.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about Philips PSE0540 and Sembly AI, or check out our full catalogue of products and services online.

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