Philips PSE0550 SmartMeeting Video Conferencing

When you’re taking notes in a meeting, you’re keeping track of what’s just been said - but it’s easy to miss out on what’s happening right now. With a new solution for conferences and meetings, Philips has created a set of tools to let you focus on your meeting, while SmartMeeting takes care of the rest.

It’s time to make room for one more at your next meeting, with the Philips PSE0550 SmartMeeting HD Audio and Video Conferencing Solution, powered by Sembly Meeting Assistant. Designed to work as your dedicated note taker, this particular piece of kit benefits from 4K high-definition video capabilities, featuring enhanced pan/tilt and zoom.

Thanks to automatic voice tracking, the PSE0550 can capture every person in the room with incredible video and audio quality, recording automatic transcripts in order to summarise and highlight action points from your meeting. Even if you’re not in attendance, you’ll be able to find out who said what with ease.

It’s the video capabilities that really sets the PSE0550 from its siblings in this set of tools - the 4K HD Camera offers remarkably clear video and accurate colour reproduction, and your team will be able to make use of the flexible pan, tilt and zoom controls in order to frame presenters and whiteboards perfectly. Paired with the 360 degree recording offered by the high-quality 4-array microphone, and you’ll leave every meeting with crystal clear recordings.

Setting up Sembly is a breeze, as the clever AI automatically syncs up with your Google or Outlook calendar, or waits for your invitation to join an unscheduled call at any time. Sembly will join any call it’s invited to, introduce itself, and start to record the call - and this process runs automatically even if you’re not able to attend the meeting yourself.

After the call ends, you’ll be able to check out the transcript in the Sembly app, where you can read, search and share the dictation with whoever needs to see it - no more panic as you try to remember what happened in the previous meeting. Simply run through Sembly’s highlights, and you’ll be able to naturally follow-on from previous discussions. 

Reach out to our team today to learn more about Philips PSE0550 and Sembly AI, or check out our full catalogue of products and services online.

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