Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit

If you already have a digital recorder, but the process of transcribing your recordings is slowing down your workflow, it’s probably time you invest in a transcription kit. Olympus have pulled together a handy collection of everything you need to get started with transcribing at home or in your office.

The most important thing you’ll need when you start transcribing is a robust transcription software solution. Compatible with Windows and macOS, the Olympus DSS Player software can play back DSSPro, DSS, WAV, WMA and MP3 audio files, so you’ll be able to plug in your dictations with ease.

When you invest in the Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit, you’ll also receive the RS-28 footswitch and the E-102 stereo headset. This hardware is specifically designed to make transcription more comfortable for you or your typist. 

With three buttons, the Olympus RS-28 Foot Control allows you to control the playback of your audio files with a tap of your foot. Simply connect the Foot Control to a USB socket on your computer, and you’ll be able to control your Olympus transcription software, to Play, Reward Forward and Stop the audio recording as you type. With the software, it’s also possible to change the function of each pedal, for a truly customisable workflow.

The E-102 stereo headset provides a simple and comfortable solution to catching every word of your recordings. Constructed with high quality materials, with an extra long cable to connect to your computer, the E-102 headset provides everything you need to start transcribing - and does it well.

If you’re in need of a digital recorder too, the Olympus AS2400 is also part of a special starter kit which includes the DS2600 Digital Recorder. Together they are a perfect match for a basic single user author/typist setup.

Give us a call to get started with a transcription kit designed to maximise the efficiency of your workflow, and say goodbye to transcription headaches.

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