Trint Transcription

Trint Foot Controls

Trint Transcription

Trint is an online transcription service - upload your audio file to the system and the transcribed text file also includes the audio data, so on playback you can hear the audio while the text is highlighted. 

We want to make editing your Trint document as easy as possible.
That means not only making it simple to use but making sure it saves you time.

Connect a foot control to your Windows computer or Apple Mac and have it work with Trint.

For Windows -

2 options for Windows:

Infinity Foot Control

Olympus RS28 Foot Control

For Apple Mac -

1 option for Apple Mac

Olympus RS28 Foot Control

Once the foot control is connected to your computer, a small amount of configuration is needed. Full instructions will be included with the foot control.



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