Olympus RS28H Foot Control


£62.40 inc. Vat

(£52.00 ex. Vat)


Olympus RS28H Foot Control

Olympus RS28H foot control has 3 buttons to easily control your transcription software. The Olympus RS-28 Foot Control is included in the Olympus AS2400 Digital Transcription Kits. It allows you to control the playback of audio files. The Foot Control has buttons for Play, Rewind, Forward and Stop. 

Connect the Olympus RS-28H Foot Control to a USB socket on your computer and the Olympus transcription software can now be controlled with the foot control. Play, Rewind, Forward and Stop. With the software you are also able to change the function of each pedal so that you can set it up to your requirements.

Transcription software is not included. Please see Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit

Key Features

  • Easy control of transcription software (play, stop, rewind etc.)
  • Plug and Play - no computer drivers needed
  • Extremely durable and long cable USB (1.8m)
  • Nonslip mat to keep it in place
  • 3 configurable buttons
  • USB or Serial Connection
  • Compatible with AS2400 Digital Transcription Kits

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