Take Notes on the Go with Philips and Olympus

A dedicated voice recorder isn’t for everybody - and if you’d prefer to streamline your everyday carry, you might not want to invest in one. Luckily, these days we’re all carrying a smartphone, and with the right app, you can transform it into a perfectly serviceable digital recorder, available at your fingertips at all times of the day. With Philips and Olympus delivering their own dedicated apps, you even have a choice of which app you’d like to use.

Philips Dictation Recorder App for Mobile Phones

Designed to work with a Philips SpeechLive subscription, this nifty app allows you to record, edit and send dictation files from your smartphone. You’ll have full control over useful editing functions including insert, overwrite and append, and with smart filters you’ll be able to find your dictations within seconds by filtering your recordings according to their status progress. You can view the progress at a glance thanks to the smart file status icons that keep you updated on what’s going on with your recordings.

You can send your dictations directly from your smartphone to the Philips transcription service, or to whoever needs to see them, with the touch of a button. All of your dictation files will be fully encrypted when you send them to the cloud, thanks to Philips cutting-edge security policy.

Philips are offering two SpeechLive Packages:

Starting at £6.99 per month, it’s perfect for small teams with basic workflows and upload of dictation files. You’ll get access to all the basic features, including web dictation management, the recorder app and a transcription player. Up to 10 users can enjoy 5 free minutes of automated speech to text per month, and 5GB of cloud storage.

For £8.49 per month, larger teams with individual team assignments will benefit from Live speech to text, SpeechMike and SpeechOne support, and 20GB of cloud storage. You can add as many users as you like to the account, and they’ll have access to 10 free minutes of automated speech to text per month. 

Olympus ODDS Smart Phone App

The Olympus Dictation Delivery Service is designed to manage the transfer of dictations recorded within the Olympus Dictation App for iPhone and Android. It’s straightforward to capture high-quality digital recordings using your smartphone, before sharing them with your typist to have them transcribed before you’re back in the office.

Your administrator will be able to control the destination address of dictations, with all encryption settings taken care of, meaning your team can be free to concentrate on dictation using their app - keeping everything as simple as possible, and avoiding user errors. Once your audio files have been encrypted, they’ll be sent from the app to the Olympus Dictation Hub, where it will be forwarded on to a predetermined email address.

Before purchasing the yearly licence for the app, please go ahead and give us a call on 020 7222 1531 - we can help you setup a free 30 day trial so you can see how you get along with Olympus ODDS before you commit to the licence. 

Get in touch with our experts today to get advice on which smartphone recorder app is right for you, or check out our full catalogue of products and services online.

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