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Philips SpeechLive

It’s time to speed up your document creation process with Philips SpeechLive, a transcription service that uses cutting-edge voice recognition to do the typing for you. 

Now you can eliminate the need for complicated software, with easy setup and local support. Rebalance your workload with a solution that’s fully adaptable to your company’s way of working by defining authors and typists - responsibilities you can assign from anywhere in the world. SpeechLive can be implemented in mixed environments too, so you don’t have to pay for users who won’t need to use the software.

Philips SpeechLive is designed with your peace of mind as a priority, and users can enjoy the highest encryption standards available, avoiding unauthorised access to your recordings. Dictation is available from computers and smartphones, so you can create and access your dictation files everywhere - even if you don’t have an Internet connection. 

Local Mode allows you to synchronise your dictation files whenever you get back online, and you can use the backup and restore function to keep them safe no matter what happens. If your computer crashes, you lose connection, or accidentally delete your data, you’ll always be able to recover at a later point. 

With packages available from just £8.49 per user/month, there’s never been a better time to sign up for Philips SpeechLive, especially when subscribing entitles you to 50% off SpeechMike Premium. Designed to deliver outstanding speech recognition results, the SpeechMike Premium is the perfect partner for Philips SpeechLive. 

Taking dictation to a new level, Philips have drawn inspiration from studio microphones, decoupling the microphone from its housing to give you crystal clear recording performance and eliminate sound distortions on your recordings. Thanks to its powerful, double sized speaker, you’ll be able to play back your files in perfectly crisp quality. 

The SpeechMike Premium is packed with other clever features, too - including an integrated motion sensor, helping your SpeechMike to detect when it’s put down on the table, at which point it will mute the microphone until you pick it up again. There are plenty of situations where this feature can help make your workflow more efficient - incoming phone calls or people stepping into your office - simply put your SpeechMike down and pick it back up when you’re ready to carry on with your dictation. 

-Transform your transcription workflow by signing up for Philips SpeechLive today, and you’ll save 50% on your purchase of the Philips SpeechMike Premium!

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