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When it comes to ranking our products, it’s difficult to argue with the numbers. Last year, there were a few fan favourites that rose to the top - and we’re proud to share them with you, along with a few of the reasons why they’re so in demand.

Philips ACC2310 Foot Control

Without a foot pedal, typists have to use their mouse to play, pause, fast-forward and rewind audio that needs to be typed out. Philips have taken efficiency into account with their top-of-the-line foot pedal, designed for use with SpeechLive browser transcription. The device features a USB connection for easy connection to your computer, and allows transcriptionists to stop and start playback with the slightest movement of the heel, removing the need to lift the foot unnecessarily and ensuring the device is always a pleasure to work with. 

The ACC2310 foot controls have been redesigned to be as robust as possible, with non-wearing magnetic contact switches to ensure the device lasts. Thanks to anti-slip elements that keep the foot control in the right position, a textured surface to prevent the foot from sliding off, and ergonomic design to provide outstanding comfort, users can be confident in using this device for long periods of time without irritation. The pedal functions are even configurable to allow you to tailor this control to your preferred transcription style. 

Olympus RS31H Foot Control

This clever foot control device takes the essential functions of foot pedals and refines them, doing exactly what you need - and doing it incredibly well. This high-end footswitch is designed to be plug and play, meaning you won’t need to fiddle around with computer drivers in order to get started.

The RS31H has four foot switches, each of them customisable to provide a variety of controls: record, play, rewind, fast forward, save file and start new file. With a lockable, extra-wide centre panel, you have greater flexibility in foot size and movement to ensure you never feel uncomfortable when using this device to transcribe your audio recording.


If you’re in the market to upgrade your foot pedal, take a walk in everybody else’s shoes and invest in one of these fan favourites to take your audio recordings to the next level.

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