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With more people returning to the office, face-to-face meetings are resurging again, and with them comes the need for high quality conference recording equipment. Luckily, the team here at DMCL have been in the game for over 40 years, so we have the know-how to recommend exactly what you need. 

Olympus DM720 Meeting Kit

If you’re looking for everything you want in a neat package, the Olympus Meeting Kit is a good place to start. You’ll receive an Olympus DM720 Digital Voice Recorder with its own three-microphone system for high fidelity recording, user-friendly buttons with customisable functions and 4GB of built-in memory. In addition, you’ll get one (or two, depending on the size of the package you go for) Olympus ME-33 Microphone, a powerful and omni-directional mic designed to record voices from a distance - so even if your conference room is huge, your ME-33 will pick up every word. The ME-33 is designed to automatically cut out extremely high and low frequency sounds, which means you’ll consistently receive clear and usable audio files at the end of your meetings. The ME-33 has the capacity to link to up to six other units, offering you effortless studio recording.

Philips DPM8900 Conference Recorder

With 4 microphones included as standard, the Philips DPM8900 Conference Recorder kit is a robust solution to keeping track of your meetings. Simply place the microphones on the table and they’ll pick up excellent sound and recording quality with a 360 degree radius. 

Thanks to SD cards, you have virtually unlimited recording capacity with the Philips DPM8900, which means you can set and forget your conference recording kit without worrying about running out of space halfway through your meeting. 

If 4 microphones aren’t enough, you can link another two microphones to the system, with built-in wire storage allowing you to adjust the length of the cable to suit your needs - so your desk will stay tidy and professional. With an elegant metal carry case to ferry your conference recording equipment around, you can be sure of making a great impression on clients when you bring out the Philips DPM8900 Conference Recording kit. 

Get in touch with our experts today to find the conference recording kit that’s perfect for your space and requirements, or check out our full catalogue of products and services online.

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