Olympus DM720 Small Meeting Kit

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Olympus DM901 Digital Recorder

Olympus DM720 Small Meeting Kit

The Olympus DM720 Small Meeting Kit includes 1x Olympus ME33 Boundary Layer microphone and DM720 recorder. The ME33 is a powerful, omni-directional microphone that is purpose-built to record voices from a distance and produces audio files in crystal-clear sound quality. Perfect for recording 6 to 8 people around the table.

 Key Features

  • Ideal solution for small meetings - 6 to 8 people
  • Superior sound quality
  • Purpose-built for voice captures
  • Includes Olympus DM720 Recorder & ME33 Microphone
  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • Kit Contents:
    Olympus DM720 Recorder
    1x ME33 Microphone
    Instruction Manual
    BR404 Rechargeable Battery

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