Olympus DS-9000 Premium Kit

ODMS Software is one of the leading solutions for managing your dictations - and for good reason. This transcription software from Olympus is specifically designed to tick off every feature on the list of must-haves, whether you’re just getting to grips with transcription or have been looking for a way to upgrade your existing workflow.

ODMS R7 offers a simple and collaborative speech-to-text solution, giving you the ability to quickly share your dictation files in whichever way works best for you - whether you’d prefer to send them by email, create a shared folder for you and your colleagues, or use FTP to make sure your audio files are heard by the people who need to hear them - and only those people, thanks to 256-bit AES encryption, working to protect your dictations from the second you upload them.

Automatic and manual tagging allows you to keep track of your dictations, along with status updates which allow you to monitor the progress of every dictation at any time, prioritising your most important dictations to make sure your workflow is as transparent and effective as possible. 

When used in conjunction with Dragon software, you can create dedicated author profiles for each Dragon user profile, which means your dictations will be automatically transcribed into your preferred language without extra effort.

For a limited time, you can purchase the ODMS R7 Software as part of a package with the Olympus DS-9000 Premium Kit recorder, including Docking Cradle. With two dictation modes and an intelligent two microphone system, the DS-9000 is designed to pick up perfect dictation and stereo conference recording quality, making it a perfect fit for use with ODMS R7. In addition to the beautiful sound quality you’ll get with the DS-9000, you’ll also benefit from the large LCD screen (2.4”) making the information onscreen - such as the file list view compiling all of your dictation files - much easier to read.

Get in touch with our experts today to benefit from our Olympus DS-9000 Premium Kit and Latest ODMS Dictate R7 Software - we’ll help you decide whether it’s the best fit for your needs, or help you find what you’re looking for in our full catalogue of products and services.

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