30 Day Free Trial - Olympus Smartphone App

Olympus has cracked the code with the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service, managing the transfer of all dictations recorded with the Olympus Dictation App for iPhone and Android. Call us now on 020 7222 1531 to set up your 30 day free trial today.

With the Olympus ODDS app, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to manage your dictations, in the palm of your hand. This beautifully simple application is a must-have for making dictations on the go, with easy editing tools to help you insert and overwrite your files.

With the Olympus Dictation App, you can easily record and push your dictations into your organisation’s system, so you can have it transcribed before you’re back in the office. Using ODDS means you’ll always be able to dictate on-the-go, even when you forget your professional voice recorder - because you’re carrying a full suite of recording tools around in your pocket.

Because security is crucial these days, Olympus offers a vast range of security features, and your dictations can be recorded in DSS Pro format - an established industry standard for speech processing solutions - benefiting from 256-bit AES encryption. Press record and speak with confidence, knowing that your dictation files are protected even before they get sent - and unauthorised people won’t be able to listen to them at any point.

Because you can record directly to DSS Pro format using the app, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless integration and processing, allowing your dictations to be transcribed wherever you are in the world. Author ID and work types will be stored in the dictation file itself. You can even attach a picture to any dictation you make.

To make sure the app connects seamlessly with your workflow, Olympus developed the Dictation Portal (ODP), a flexible web-based configuration tool that will allow you to manage the Dictation app and corresponding ODDS licences from a highly secured central hub. Leave configuration issues to your administrator, and feel free to concentrate on what matters most - simple dictation using your smartphone.

If you’re looking to boost your efficiency, decrease your costs and get more done in less time, consider the Olympus Dictation App, available for iPhone and Android.

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