100 Transcription Minutes with SpeechLive

The Philips SpeechLive Transcription Service is a game changer when it comes to transforming audio recordings into transcription work. By making the most of the SpeechLive cloud based digital transport system, you’ll be able to produce extremely accurate work using highly trained professional transcribers - and when you sign up for the transcription service through us, you’ll earn 100 minutes completely free. 

You can consider SpeechLive your cloud-based personal assistant, designed to make your workflow more efficient and boost your productivity to allow you to focus on what’s important. Being able to take control of your dictation workflow when you’re on the road means you can upload, play and download your dictation files on the go, send them to your assistant or to the Speechlive professional dictation service, using industry-trained UK-based transcription experts to transform your recordings into documents.

For high-quality audio recordings, you can use a Philips dictation recorder designed to work in tandem with SpeechLive, or you can make the most of your smartphone by downloading the free Philips dictation recorder, available on the App and Play Store.

With SpeechLive, you’re ready to go from the moment you sign up - your team won’t need a local server infrastructure to be installed, with files always available regardless of changes to your IT environment. Setting up SpeechLive is designed to be easy, with a fast installation process that will have you up and running in minutes - although we’ll be able to offer support and assistance if you need it.

The SpeechLive Advanced Business Package allows up to 25 users to use SpeechLive, with 20GB of storage (that’s about 100,000 minutes of DSS Pro recordings). With Data centres awarded with the most important security certificates, SpeechLive will keep your recordings secure by encrypting them as you record, encrypting them again when you send them, and also using state-of-the-art encryption standards while they’re kept in the cloud - so you can be confident in the end-to-end protection of your dictations. 

When you sign up today, you’ll get 100 free Transcription Service minutes to use, giving you access to a team of UK transcribers, trained to produce highly accurate work. The team works on a four-eye-principle, so you can be sure that your recordings will be double-checked to ensure you’re receiving the very best - perfect results in your inbox. 

Give DMCL a call today to set up SpeechLive and take advantage of the special promotion for the transcription service.

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