Philips PSE0501 Smart Meeting Wireless Conference Microphone with Sembly AI

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Focus on your meeting, we take care of the rest

The Philips PSE0501 SmartMeeting Conference Microphone and Sembly Meeting Assistant take part in meetings with you as your dedicated note takers. The microphone’s smart speech-enhancing and noise filtering technology ensures clear and natural sounding calls. Sembly creates automatic transcripts, summaries and highlights action points and to dos for you. The solution helps you find out who said what easily and quickly after every meeting, even if you could not attend.

Philips PSE0501 On the table

 Quick and accurate meeting protocols
• Automatic minute taking to help you focus on your meetings
• Instant meeting summary so you know the outcome of every meeting at one glance
• Automated meeting action points for saving time
• Voice ID for clear speaker separation
• Sembly works with all major platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and GoToMeeting

Highest recording quality
• 360° recording with high-quality 6-array microphone for clear meeting recordings
• High-quality loudspeaker for understanding voices clearly
• Plug-and play connectivity via Bluetooth or USB for easy setup
• Powerful long-lasting battery for up to 10 hours of use

The smartest AI meeting assistant
Sembly records, transcribes and generates smart meeting summaries. Works with Zoom, gMeet, Teams and Webex. English only.

Included with the PSE0501 Smart Meeting recorder is Sembly Team Plus 



Forget about rushing to remember what happened in the prior meeting. Sembly takes the hassle out of meeting preparation by making previous meeting details available at your fingertips, so you can naturally follow-on from previous discussions on relevant topics

Sembly tracks all the details so you can focus on the conversation. Sembly’s smart AI tracks actions, issues, requirements and more to help you zoom-in on key items, in case you missed something during your call or just want to confirm specific details from the discussion

Remember that important meeting from last month? Sembly does. You can search across all the calls to which Sembly was invited and perfectly recall important details, such as deadlines, birthdays, and car inspections. Client commitments, tasks from your boss, your shopping list — Sembly saves them all for whenever you may need them.

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