Philips LFH725D Mini Casette Dictating Machine

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Philips LFH725D Dictating Machine

The Philips LFH725D Dictation System is a mini cassette based dictating machine. Includes a microphone which can control all the major functions of the dictating machine.  Its outstanding ergonomics let you manage your jobs easily.

Key Features

  • Mini Cassette Compatible
  • Auto rewind for fast return to the beginning of the tape
  • Search forward and skip functions for quick access to the start of the next recording
  • Can be used as both a dictation and transcription machine with additional accessories
  • Tone, speed and volume controls for crystal clear playback at all times
  • High-quality microphone for superb recording quality
  • Integrated speaker ensuring crystal clear playback
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity for better sound quality
  • Handheld microphone with ergonomic slide switch for efficient one-thumb operation
  • Record protection for saving valuable dictations
  • Turbo wind for fast access to any part of the tape
  • Included Accessories
    Philips LFH155 Mains Unit
    Philips 276 Microphone



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