One Digital AIRLight 1DAL Battery PACE Recorder

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One Digital AIRLight 1DAL Battery PACE Recorder

The AIRLight portable battery powered interview recorder is a PACE compliant digital audio recorder for evidential and disciplinary interviews.

AIRLight recorders have been designed specifically for evidential recording and are fully compliant with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984) and Home Office guidelines

The integrity of every recording is protected by a 2048 bit DSA digital signature and a SHA-1 checksum.

The AIRLight will only commence recording when correct blank media and fully functioning microphones are present. The discs cannot be forcibly or wrongly ejected.

The recorder guarantees faultless, digital stereo recordings of up to eight hours on two identical CD copies. Both are digitally signed preserving the integrity of the recording.

Key Features

  • Designed for evidential recordings
  • Compliant with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984)
  • Battery adaptor fully integrated with the recorder
  • Batteries allow up to 5 hours record time
  • Recordings are protected with 2048bit signature
  • Will only commence recording when correct blank media & functioning mic's are present
  • Disc's cannot be forcibly or wrongly ejected
  • Recordings are fully protected from loss of power
  • AIR Recorders will not record if there is an error with the network connection
  • Metadata relating to the recording can be stored alongside the recording on every disc
  • Multiple audio formats can be recorded on to every disc
  • Light weight but robust aluminium casing
  • Button, indicators & connectors are designed for frequent use
  • Network ready as standard
  • AIR recording are fully compatible with leading transcription workflow systems
  • Systems are scalable from simple point to point FTP, to enterprise level

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