Olympus ODMS R7 Single License for Dictation Module (AS-9001)


£118.80 inc. Vat

(£99.00 ex. Vat)


Olympus ODMS R7 Single License for Dictation Module (AS-9001) Version 7.4.0

The Olympus ODMS R7 dictation sofware can send files via email, a shared network folder or FTP to the typist.

If you have the new Olympus DS-9500 recorder you can setup wireless transfer. Send files directly to the Olympus ODMS Dictate R7 software on your computer. The software then sends the file to the typist automatically.

Olympus ODMS R7 Dictate can be integrated with Dragon speech recognition software. (sold seperatly)

Using the Olympus ODMS R7 Dictate software you can setup 256bit AES encryption on Olympus recorders so that files which are emailed over the internet are fully secure.

Olympus ODMS R7 Dictate & Transcription software can be installed in a Workgroup environment, Windows Server or Citrix. 

New with version 7.4.0 is the ability to record your Video Conference Calls - This feature is ideal for recording the audio in a virtual meeting

ODMS R7 is fully compatible with DS-9500/9000 • DS-7000/3500/5500 • DS-5000(iD)/3400 • RM-4110S/4100S/4015P/4010P/4000P • DR-2300/2200/2100/1200


Key Features

  • ODMS R7 Dictation Software for PC
  • Send files by email, Network,FTP or Wireless
  • Encrypt files 256bit AES files
  • Compatible Dragon Software:  Sold separately
    Dragon Professional Individual/Group v14 & v15
    Dragon Legal Individual/Group v14 & v15



Olympus ODMS R7 is compatible with

Windows 8.1 (x86/x64) Enterprise/Pro/
Windows 10 (x86/x64) Enterprise/Pro/Home

Windows Server 2012 (x64)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)
Windows Server 2016 (x64)

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