Olympus DS-9000 System Edition

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Olympus DS-9000 System Edition with rechargeable battery & USB cable - (does not include software)

The Olympus DS9000 Digital recorder System Edition.  

The microphone on the DS9000 recorder has noise cancellation built in.

The colour display shows all recorded files in a list, making it easy to find and go back to an earlier recording.

Intelligent Two Microphone System: Two omni-directional microphones actively monitor and analyse phase differences while recording, for perfect dictation and stereo conference recording quality.

2 Dictation modes:
Quite Environment - The microphone will be recording in omni-directionality mode, the recorder can be held in any way, and held at the same distance from your mouth.
Noisy Environment - The microphone will be recording in high directionality mode, to focus on the voice and the noise cancellation system will reduce the surrounding noise.

Stereo Mode for Conference:
The two intelligent microphones on the new DS9000 recorder picks up the person speaking from any location. Recordings are made in MP3 which is convenient when you want to share your recording with others.

Large LCD Screen:
The Olympus DS9000 features a 2.4 inch TFT colour LCD. Supports 240,00 colours making the information on-screen much easier to read.

File List Display:
The file list view shows the file name, date & time, file status of each dictation file. You can then select a file to send via Wi-Fi.

The Olympus DS9000 System Edition is compatible with a wide range of systems.

Olympus DS9000 is compatible with a wide range of systems
Olympus DS9000 Rebust slide switch mechanism
The slide switch ensures intuitive operation. The high-quality materials make the dictation machine’s slide switch robust and durable.
Olympus DS9000 can continue to recorder even after being dropped Tests confirmed that the DS-9000 continues its recording when falling off a desk and survived the tests without any impairments (drop tested up to 1.5m). 

Key Features

  • Intelligent 2 Microphone System
  • 2GB Internal Memory
  • For Speech Recognition in noisy environment
  • Directional Stereo Recording for conference recording
  • Precise 4 position slide switch
  • Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
  • 2.4" full colour display (260,000 colours)
  • Impact-resistant body up to 1.5m high
  • 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • Device lock by PIN code
  • Box Contents
    LI-92B Rechargeable Battery
    KP-30 USB Cable
    CS-151 Carry Case

Olympus DS9500 Recorder

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