MS-UP1 HD Ultra-Portable interview Video recorder Kit

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MS-UP1 HD Ultra-Portable interview Video Recorder Kit

The new MS-UP1 HD Ultra-Portable interview recorder has been designed to be the World's smallest fully featured PACE compliant evidential video recorder. It has cutting edge technology to deliver a recorder capable of meeting all legislation for evidential recordings in a truly compact size. The device has been designed to operate stand alone, writing to media, or form part of a network solution uploading the data to a central repository when connected to the network. Software is supplied, but it should be noted that the solution has been developed to be back end agnostic. The files delivered are in a nonproprietary format and the Meta data is a standard .json and/or .xml file which can be mapped into any data base which can import .xml data.

Complete with Solid Carry Case, DVD Writer, Tripod, Table Top Microphone & EvidenceLink Software

Features include:

  • All in one design (130 x 115 x 98mm)
  • Up to 3 channel video recording
  • Integrated 4K Overview camera
  • Integrated 1080p 10 x Zoom Camera
  • Integrated screen
  • Meets all legislation including PACE.
  • AES256 Encryption
  • SHA256# Digital Signature
  • Generates two copies simultaneously
  • Network upload
  • Auto delete on local SSD once uploaded files SHA256# is verified.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated battery backup to prevent Data Corruption.
  • Simple REC/STOP control
  • Burnt in time, date, elapsed time, serial number
  • Meta data entry via WebDav or web interface.
  • 3-4 Hour Battery Pack 

MS-UP1 HD Ultra-Portable interview Video Recorder Kit

Wide Angle Camera 130° Horizontal, 50° Vertical, 4K,1080p, 720p,
Offers overview of room at a resolution
digital zoom can be used post recording.
Zoom Camera 1080p, 720p, 540p. 10 x Optical Zoom Camera Offers zoom to frame subject area and record in
Video Input BNC AHD Camera input Allows third camera to be connected if required
Storage Internal = 64GB eMMC Flash Memory
External = MicroSD/USB
Records master copy internally for upload and
offers options for removable copy.
Video H.265 High efficiency Video Coding (multiple rates). Offers the best format to maximise resolution
and minimise storage requirements.
Audio Video Mode = AAC
Audio Only Mode = MP3
Non-proprietary formats for integration to third
party solutions.
Microphones 2 x Internal and 1 x 3.5 mm jack to connect external
stereo microphone (optional)
2 internal microphones offer backup if external
microphone is not used or fails.
Data Security AES256 Encryption Protects data on device while outside of a
secure environment
Integrity SHA256# Digital Signature Provides chain of evidence from point of
capture through to presentation in court
USB USB2.0 Offers interface for USB backup or DVD
RJ45 High Speed 10/100 Ethernet Offers upload of files, live streaming and remote
Wi-Fi 150Mbs 802.11b,g,n Can be enabled or disabled
Bluetooth 4.0
Screen 3.5” Touch Screen Set up monitor with status information including
audio level indicators and memory usage
Power 12V DC Input (Standard)
Battery 3-4 hours recording
Versatile power options
GPIO 8 Pin External triggers and indicators can be
LED 2 x LED Record and Monitoring Indicator Visual indicator when in record and a second to
show when being monitored
Audit Read-only access full audit trail.
Dimensions D130 x W115 x H98 mm
Weights 800g - 3.7kg in Carry Case Recorder only

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