LOASys Speech Recognition System

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LOASys Speech Recognition System

Speech Recognition has been around for almost 3 decades and many people have tried it and most have failed to achieve what they want from the technology.  This was partly down to not fully developed software, underpowered computers and user acceptance.  The first issue is no longer the case as one would expect after almost 30 years of development.  The second issue may still be the case in many practices.  The third issue of user acceptance is one that the solution we are proposing has handled in a very interesting way.

LOASys allows Authors to dictate as if they were dictating to a human typist using digital dictation just as they do at the moment.

The advantages of this method are that Authors can rewind, listen, insert, delete, overwrite dictations do not have to see the text appearing in front of them which many find counter productive can dictate from anywhere including from a mobile phone for example whilst the clinician is on home or hospital visits.

This means that the power of the user’s computers is immaterial. The speech processing is done ‘in background’ The resultant text can be handled by either the Author or any one of their support team.

This last aspect means that clinicians can dictate patient notes and receive the text themselves to drop into the practice management system but the support team can receive correspondence items which may need to be printed on letterheads with attachments etc.

The most important thing though is: this technology only costs around £2 per clinician per day and can be provided on a monthly subscription basis or as an outright purchase.

 Key Features

  • Works as a background process just like Digital Dictation
    So using LOASys is like having a secretary 24 hours per day 365 days per year
  • Dictations can be made using wired or portable dictation devices and mobile phones
  • Users thought processes are not interrupted by words appearing as they dictate
  • Negligible IT administration at the server and workstation
  • Fully supported applications for over 10 years
  • Users’ computers can be fairly low powered in terms of memory and processor
  • Supported on all versions of Microsoft Windows and Citrix and Windows Terminal Services environments

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