LegalDocs Document Assembly and Matter Management Software

Sale price£600.00 inc VAT (£500.00 GBP ex VAT)


Twenty years in the legal market, LegalDocs is an easy to use Matter Management Solution which offers simplified Case Management features without the usual start up expense.

LegalDocs expands outside the word processing arena as we recognise that technologies such as e-Mail, Digital Dictation, Typing Outsourcing and Speech Processing are areas that many firms are moving wholeheartedly towards.

 The main features of LegalDocs

  •  Assembly of correspondence and other templates with Client and Contact data
  • Storage of Matter related Contact and other data in powerful searchable database
  • Up to 20 parties’ details may be associated to each Client Matter
  • Automatic Document Naming and Saving in Matter folders
  • Single click access to the detailed Matter History
  • The Document and File Case History may be sorted into any order
  • Document descriptions may be searched through in the Case History
  • User customizable Precedents handling menu
  • Multiple documents may be attached to e-Mail messages with a single click
  • Documents may be ‘sent’ between a secretary and fee earner by e-Mail with a single click
  • Incoming and Outgoing e-Mail messages may be saved to a Matter with a single click
  • All computer files eg. forms, .pdfs, sound and video recordings can be save to a Matter History
  • Time Recording
  • Reporting facilities
  • Contact Management

 With integration to

  • Major Digital Dictation applications - Author and Typist benefits
  • Speech Recognition – LOASys & Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Typing Outsourcing services maintaining client data confidentiality
LegalDocs retails at £500 plus VAT per user and is inclusive of:-
  • Remote Installation of server database and client workstations
      • (including Citrix and Remote Desktop Services)
  • Customisation of correspondence templates (including self calculating bill)
  • Remote training (2 hours per user in groups of 4)
  • 12 months' telephone support
  • 12 months' software upgrades / updates

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