Grundig Digta W/LAN Adapter

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The Grundig Digta W/LAN Adapter allows you to connect directly to your network without a PC and use a network cable (LAN) or wireless network (WLAN) to send your dictations directly to the secretarial staff via network,e-mail or FTP server.

All you have to do is place your dictation device in the docking station and your data is automatically transferred to the predetermined addressees.

The Grundig Digta W/LAN Adapter allows information exchange between the author and the secretarial staff (Digta Messaging). Place your Digta 7 digital recorder in a docking station connected to a Digta W/LAN Adapter and receive a message on your dictation device when the dictation has been completed. The secretarial staff can also send a query concerning a dictation.

The Digta W/LAN Adapter can also be used to send data lists, such as patient, client, or customer data to your dictation device. This provides users with additional information while they are on the go.


Key Features

  • Wireless adapter for the direct transfer of dictations to a network or by e-mail
  • connectivity over LAN with the RJ-45 network cable or wirelessly via WLAN
  • Secure data transfer within the company network thanks to WLAN encryption
  • Compatible with Grundig Digta 7 Digital Recorders with Digta Station 447 Docking Cradle
  • WLAN encryption to protect files


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