voice activated software

We have a couple of options for Speech to Text software.

Dragon Professional Individual v15
Dragon Speech to text

The latest version of Speech to Text from Nuance. Windows 10 PC only.
Install the software, then create your speech profile.

You can then talk directly into the software with a microphone connected to the computer and it will transcribe your words in to text live on your screen. Or if you prefer to record your audio first with a hand held digital recorder (Philips DPM6000 voice recorder or similar) connect the recorder to your computer with the USB cable and import the audio file into Dragon. It will then transcribe the file into a Word text document.

Philips SpeechLive Speech Recognition package

Philips speech to text

SpeechLive is a subscription based system with unlimited speech recognition option.

There are 3 ways you can use Speech Recognition with SpeechLive:

1. Using the new Windows 10 desktop app, simply press the record button, click anywhere you want to type and start speaking. SpeechLive converts your voice to text in real time in any software.

2. On your phone - Use the SpeechLive smartphone app to convert your voice to text in real time while you speak or send recorded files to automated speech recognition.

3. Portable voice recorders -  Dictate with a traditional voice recorder, upload your recording to SpeechLive and your transcript will be ready in no time.

SpeechLive is charged @ £8.49 +vat per user per month

Unlimited Speech Recognition Bundle extra £22.00 +vat per user per month.

If you have any questions, please call on 020 7222-1531


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