The following software versions are officially supported:

  • ODMS (click here to download) + Patch0008 (click here to download) (Pro)
  • DSS Player Standard Release 2 (click here to download) + Patch0005 (click here to download) (Business)

The following devices are supported on Windows 10:

  • Mobile recorders (Pro): DS-7000, DS-3500, DS-5500
  • Mobile recorder (Business): DS-2500
  • Fixed USB Mic (Pro): DR-1200, DR-2100, DR-2200, DR-2300
  • Foot Control: RS-31

Older devices are also supported on Windows 10 as long as they are used with the software versions mentioned above:

  • Mobile recorders (Pro): DS-5000, DS-3400
  • Mobile recorder (Business): DS-2400, DS-2800
  • Foot Control: RS-28

Please note, pro devices are not compatible with business range software.


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