Success Story: Philips SpeechLive

We’re very proud of the products we provide from our online shop, and Philips supply some of our most popular items. With more than four million users working with Philips speech-to-text products worldwide, there are quite a few success stories among them. We’re excited to take a look at the case study recently shared by the team at Philips.

Ison Harrison Solicitors were looking for a document production tool that would allow their team to work remotely as a regional law firm with a national reputation. Having experienced expansion through recurring clients and customers recommending their services, the team of 70 dictation users were in need of dictation and transcription software, with a cloud platform to allow the solicitors and admin staff to efficiently collaborate regardless of location. 

The company already had software-based document creation in place, but the setup didn’t deliver a flexible working environment to allow the lawyers, secretaries and admin team to work from home during lockdown. The firm was encountering difficulties with dictation coordination, as explained by the firm’s IT Manager:

“It became an issue because dictation authors had to come to the office to dock their recording devices and submit work; and the same happened to the transcribers. The previous setup was very clunky, involving the emailing of dictations, ensuring that traces of the dictation were removed from sent items, delete items, recycle bins on the users’ remote machines, which introduced large processing delays and limitations on who could use the service.”

The company’s needs for their software were straightforward but plentiful: “It had to accommodate users working from home, with the ability to log on remotely for extended periods of time, in some cases, permanently; it had to allow for people using their own hardware such as Macs, and it had to be able to be setup quickly.”

Through Philips SpeechLive, Ison Harrison discovered a solution that would enable their staff to produce documentation securely, efficiently and accurately. With web-based management of dictations and transcriptions, SpeechLive didn’t require any software installation - a centralised view of all work tasks could be accessed via desktop, tablet or smartphone, and the lawyers were able to dictate on a voice recorder or their smartphones, with the recordings automatically sent to the support team for transcription.

Ison Harrison discovered an additional benefit with SpeechLive - no need for additional hardware purchases. The solicitors were able to continue using their handheld dictation machines or simply install the SpeechLive voice recorder on their phones. The admin staff were able to continue using their existing Philips foot pedals. “All we essentially needed with Speechlive was a couple of web filter rules and Chrome.”

Ison Harrison is now benefiting from an effective cloud dictation solution, supporting remote working and best-in-class virtual collaboration. It’s GDPR compliant, and available to the firm’s staff at all times. Learn more about how to upgrade your workflow with Philips SpeechLive by getting in touch with us today.

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