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When it comes to ranking our products, it’s difficult to argue with the numbers. Last year, there were a few fan favourites that rose to the top - and we’re proud to share them with you, along with a few of the reasons why they’re so in demand.


Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo

The Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo is one of our best-selling digital recorders, and for good reason. It’s lightweight stainless steel body is as resilient as it is elegant, and the clever ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, this clever piece of kit can actually tell what position it’s in, and will automatically change the microphone accordingly - holding the recorder to speak, you’ll be in dictation mode, but placed on a table, it’ll switch to conference mode with no need to fiddle around with settings.

Along with the docking station that comes as standard with the DPM8000, you’ll also receive the new version of SpeechExec Pro Dictate with a 2 year license. Combined, these will make transferring your dictation a breeze - simply place the recorder into the dock, and your files will automatically download to your computer while your batteries charge.


Olympus DS-9500 Digital Recorder

Hot on the heels of the Philips DPM8000, Olympus has a clever digital recorder that’s crammed with intelligent design features. With an intelligent microphone system capable of actively monitoring and analysing phase differences during recording sessions, you’ll benefit from perfect dictation and stereo conference recording quality. The introduction of two dictation modes offers crisp audio whether you’re recording in a quiet environment or somewhere with more background noise - thanks to a smart noise cancellation system which works to eliminate unwanted noises.

One of our favourite features is the built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect your recorder to a wireless network and send your files from anywhere - no need to plug into a PC to download your dictations.


If you’re in the market for a new digital recorder, take a note from everybody else’s book and invest in one of these fan favourites to take your audio recordings to the next level.

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