FEATURED: Olympus DS-9000 Premium Kit
With ODMS V7 Dictate Software




When you’re on the hunt for an efficient solution to your voice recording needs, it’s important to make sure you’re getting everything you want in one straightforward package. Luckily, Olympus have given their Premium offering a lot of careful consideration, meaning you can get started as soon as the kit arrives.

The Olympus DS-9000 Premium Kit includes the Olympus DS-9000, a high-end voice recorder packed with clever features that will take your workflow efficiency to the next level. With an intelligent two microphone system, a pair of omni-directional mics will actively monitor and analyse phase differences while you’re recording - so you can be confident in perfect dictation and stereo conference recording quality.

The two dictation modes include:

Quiet Environment - The microphone will record in omni-directionality mode, meaning you can hold it in any way while you’re recording, making the most of the 2.4” TFT colour LCD screen.

Noisy Environment - The microphone will record in high directionality mode, focusing on your voice while the noise cancellation system reduces surrounding noise that would otherwise interfere with the recording.

With stereo mode, the Olympus DS-9000 is the perfect choice for recording in conference situations. Thanks to the two intelligent microphones, the recorder will pick up speaking voices from any location. Recordings are then saved in MP3 format, for maximum convenience.

When you’re in the middle of a busy day, faffing around with a complicated upload process is the last thing you want to handle. The DS-9000 Docking Station solves that problem thanks to its seamless connection to your computer. Simply dock your DS-9000 recorder, and your dictation will automatically transfer to your computer while the device charges.

The premium kit comes with the latest ODMS Dictate R7 software, designed for professionals who want to turn speech into text efficiently. Simple and fast transcription from speech to text is made easy thanks to revolutionary file sharing, automatic and manual tagging, and functionality that supports Dragon speech recognition software to cut down on manual transcription (Dragon must be purchased separately).


You’ll have everything you need to upgrade your workflow at your fingertips with the new Premium Kit from Olympus, including Docking Cradle, AC adaptor and Olympus ODMS v7 Dictation Software. Discover the kit online today.

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