Digital Speech Standard (DSS)
The Digital Speech Standard is a compatible digital speech recording standard jointly developed by Grundig, Olympus and Philips. It offers high audio quality for the spoken language and allows a high compression rate making it easy to manage audio files in the workflow system and to exchange them by e-mail. Since its introduction DSS has established itself as the file format for professional speech files.

Improvement: DSSPro
The DSSPro format has two important new functions: It supports real-time file encryption during recording to protect confidential dictation data.The high 16 kHz sampling rate is even better suited to professional requirements providing a very natural playback of human voice and it provides optimized quality for speech recognition.

DSSPro is far more than just a speech recording standard – it actually allows far-reaching management functions for the workflow.

International Voice Association (IVA)
The International Voice Association is a voluntary organisation formed jointly by Grundig, Olympus and Philips in 1994 to create and maintain the Digital Speech Standard. The advantage of a standard to end users is better continuity and greater choice of Dictation Systems.

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