Speechware SpeechMatic USB Multi Adaptor

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External USB sound card SpeechMatic MikeAdapter for Speech recognition

The SpeechMatic allows you to connect your microphone with USB, to bypass low quality internal PC soundcards. You can use the same "User Profile" in different PCs without any training or adaptation whatsoever.    

Integrated soundcards are prone to microwave interference, RF interference, fan noise, and a host of other problems, due to the fact that they are unshielded. The main advantages of an external soundcard are:

1. Isolates the soundcard from electronic noise produced by fans and hard drives, because they are well shielded
2. Eliminates most shielding problems by placing the soundcard outside the enclosure
3. Can be used on multiple computers because it is small and portable
4. The Dragon "User Profile" can be used in different PCs without any further training.

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