Philips LFH9120 USB Docking Station


£74.00 ex. Vat

(£88.80 inc. Vat)


Just dock your Digital Recorder to the Philips LFH9120 USB Docking Station and enjoy the easiest way to transfer your dictation files to the PC in seconds.

At the same time, the USB Docking Station can be used to charge the batteries of your Digital Pocket Memo to keep it always ready for use. Enjoy the freedom of hands-free dictating by placing your Digital Pocket Memo in the Docking Station. The file will be recorded directly onto your PC.

The LFH9120 Docking Station includes 2x Philips AAA LFH9154 Rechargeable Batteries for your recorder.

Key Features

  • Automatic upload of dictation files for fast dictation workflow
  • Fast charging for high productivity
  • Hands-free dictation and direct for more freedom of movement
  • Compatible with: LFH9600, LFH9500, LFH955, LFH9375, LFH9380

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