OM Systems AS-9100 Transcription Kit with ODMS Cloud One Year Subscription

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OM Systems AS-9100 Transcription Kit with 1 Year ODMS Cloud User Subscription

The OM System AS-9100 Transcription Kit includes ODMS Cloud One Year Subscription, RS-31N foot control and headset. Kit is fully compatible with ODMS Cloud.

ODMS Cloud
Cloud based dictation and transcription solution. 
One year transcription subscription is included with the AS-9100 Kit.

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Transcribe: Anywhere
The ODMS Cloud system streamlines collaboration between transcriptionist and authors, enabling easy access to dictation files from anywhere, anytime. Stored securely online, it removes the requirement for a dedicated server, simplifying setup for swift and effortless operation. ODMS works with PC or a Mac. Work from anywhere with just an internet connection.

Clear and Simple Interface
ODMS Cloud offers a polished and intuitive interface. By eliminating superfluous details, ODMS Cloud  delivers a user-friendly experience customized to your requirements. This streamlined approach not only improves usability but also increases productivity.

Comprehensive Playback Features
ODMS Cloud provides authors and transcriptionists with extensive playback capabilities. Users can play, rewind, and fast-forward through audio files as needed, adjusting the speed from 50% to 200%. The noise cancellation feature guarantees clear audio quality. Users can also adjust the volume to their preference and manage their work by adding or removing index marks. Status updates keep users informed about the progress of their files, indicating whether they are pending or completed. Additionally, priority settings facilitate task prioritization, allowing users to mark tasks as either normal or high priority to ensure urgent work is completed on time.

Supported Audio Formats
ODMS Cloud provides extensive playback support for a variety of file formats including DS2, DSS, WAV, and MP3, ensuring compatibility. Whether encrypted or unencrypted, users can seamlessly access and review their audio files with ease.

Key Features
Secure online storage
Clear and simple interface
Always-on synchronization
Organization and filtering
Automatic routing
Comprehensive playback
Includes ODMS Cloud License for 12 Month, RS-31N Foot Control & Headset

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