Olympus RS32 Hand Controller

Sale price£89.99 inc VAT (£74.99 GBP ex VAT)


The Olympus RS32 hand controller can be used instead of a foot control with your transcription software. The unit sits next to your keyboard and controlled with your thumb.

The ergonomic button design allows to easily find the particular button without looking at it. Non-slip mats underneath the hand controller guarantee that the unit stays in the right place

Key Features

  • Remote recording function to control voice recorders
  • Individually configurable buttons via software
  • Universal form to fit with various keyboards and notebooks
  • Soft silicon rubber‑pads on wrist rest for comfortable transcription
  • Detachable hand wrist rest to be flexible and mobile
  • Long and durable USB cable
  • Odd‑shaped surface to set the natural hand positioning
  • Ergonomic button layout for operation by thumbs or heel of hand
  • Nonslip Mat Urethane foam with a high coefficient of friction


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