Olympus RM4110S RecMic II in DR-2200 Mode

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Olympus RM4110S RecMic II in DR-2200 Mode


The new Olympus RM4110S RecMic II in DR-2200 mode is set for backward compatibliity for older software. For example, if you do not have the latest Bighand  version 5 which is compatible with the new Olympus RM4110S, in DR2200 mode it will be compatible with Bighand version 3.5, 4 and 5.

The new Olympus RecMic II Series has been created to be get the best results with any speech-to-text solution.

The RM-4110S RecMic has a slide-switch designed for users who do classic dictations and want to have maximum control of the recorder/player software.

The Olympus RM-4110S RecMic has a unique Two-Microphone-System which focuses purely on the speaker and cuts out all surrounding noise, by using the latest noise cancellation technology.

The redesigned microphone system in the new RecMic II has a special Triple Layer Sound Studio Pop Filter which blocks the wind noise of the mouth when talking, along with all pop noises. All this will give you the best speech recognition results.

All RecMic II come with an extra smooth UV-coating and silent buttons to reduce disturbing touch noises. The antimicrobial surface meets hygienic requirements, especially in medical areas.

The Olympus RM-4110S RecMic II is fully plug and play with your computer. No extra driver software is needed. Plug it in for the first time and Windows will install all the drivers automatically.

When using Dragon software, connect the RM4110S and it will automatically go into Dragon Mode. All the buttons will be configured for use with Dragon.

The RM-4110S has a trackball for easy and fast navigation with 7 customizable function buttons. Perfect for classic dictation.

Key Features

  • Best microphones for Speech Recognition
  • Dragon Speech Recognition Mode
  • Windows Speech Recognition Mode
  • Intelligent Two-Microphone system
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Native support for Dragon & Windows Speech Recognition
  • Antimicrobial Surface
  • Closed Loudspeaker Chassis for excellent sound quality
  • Triple Layer Sound Studio Pop Filter
  • Microphone Stand with automatic Stand Detection

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